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Japan Express

Telephone: 910-864-8800 / Fax: Address: 155-115 Bonanza Drive  Fayetteville NC 28303
Business: Japanese Cuisine Founded: 2003
Contact: Norie Campbell Hours: M-Sat: 11am-8pm  / Sun: 12noon-8pm

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Japan Express is own and operated by Norie Campbell and her son Austin who is the chef. Norie has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry she has work for Miyabi Kyoto Steak and Seafood House and Kyoto Express. Norie decided the time was right to open her own restaurant and on September 2003 she took over Japan Express.

When you enter Japan Express you will notice how clean and neat the dinning room area and kitchen is and the warm and friendly atmosphere. The menu is outstanding with her Sushi menu choices and the express bowls from Yaki Soba, Hibachi and Teriyaki entrees. The success to Japan Express lies in the ingredients and freshness of the food. The next time you want a good Japanese meal stop by Japan Express and sample our menu.