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Checklist for Traveling in the United States

Print this page out and check off the tasks as you complete them.


1.  Leave a copy of your itinerary and spare key with a family member or close friend in the event of
     an emergency.

2.  Have neighbor, friend or family member pick-up newspaper so it looks like someone is reading
     the newspaper.

3.  Have Post-Office hold your mail.

4.  Unplug electrical appliance except Freezer and Fridge.

5.  Have credit cards, traveler's checks and some cash on hand.

  Visiting Family, Friends when Flying

1.  Suggestion, before you fly out to your destination plan what items you will be taking with you 
     and put them in a box and send it out (UPS or Fedex Ground) a few days ahead of your
     departure. Make sure someone will be home to sign for the package. And do the same when    
     you return or have them send it out a few days after you leave. 

2.  By doing this you will be able to breeze threw the long lines at the Airport and will not have to
     worry about dealing with your luggage because you have already sent them on.

3.  Do carry a small carry-on with the basic items to included your medication and anything else
     you may want to have with you.

4.  If you do have luggage to check-in only write your name on your luggage label. Do not put your
     address or other personal information for security reason.

5.  RELAX and enjoy your VACATION!