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Helpful Hints for Hiring a Moving Company

Print and check off the tasks as you complete them.

  1  Get three estimates from moving companies.
  2  Check to make sure they have a current business license and insurance license to operate business. This is optional but ask if they are bonded. If they do not        have a current business license or insurance license then find another moving company.
  3  Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Ask for reference.
  4  Make sure everything you agree on is in writing before they start. (List everything that they are to do and what you are to do). Remember the more work they
      have to do the greater the cost, so if you can have some of the things ready to go it should help on the cost.
  5  Make sure the schedule has the time of arrival and departure on the contract. Put in contract that if they do not finish in the allotted time agreed on. The
      moving company will credit you $75 dollars for every 30 minutes they are not finish. This will insure they will not waste any time. (You can use another dollar
      amount and time for this) But keep in mind that the higher the dollar amount and the less time given will make them work faster.
  6  Important; take a video or photograph of the items before they are pack for moving. Record serial numbers of electronic equipment. Take another video or
      photograph of the supervisor monitoring his employees working.  
  7  When packing fragile items be sure they used bubble wrap for the glasses, dishes, plates and any fragile items you have to ship. If they said they are out of
      bubble wrap make sure you have them deducted the difference on the contract because you may have paid for the bubble wrap and they are using something
      else that cost less or more.
  8. Mark all you boxes with Black waterproof markers of what is inside the boxes if you can. Example: All kitchen items, All bathroom items, etc.
  9. Place important valuable jewelry, documents, antiques etc. that are not going to be shipped by mover in safe place and move them yourself if possible.
10. Supervise the move if possible. Inspected the inventory sheet and keep a copy document with you until after the move is completed and you are satisfied.
11. Give movers a map with directions to your new residence and a number you can be reached if something happens. Be at destination when moving truck arrives.
12. Supervise unloading and make sure items are delivered to the appropriate rooms. Make sure the inventory matches when they unload.
13. Check for any damages to the outside of the boxes and items. List anything that is damaged and take a photograph or video of  the damage.
14. Remember to try and be nice when you are talking to the supervisor and his employees of the moving company because after your items are out of your sight
     anything can happen.
15. When paying for the move use your credit card because you have more option when disputing charges.
16. Put a change of address in with the Post-Office. Always fill out two leave one with the mailman who delivers your mail and give the other to the new mailman. If
     you are not sure of your new address have your mailman hold your mail until you send him a change of address. The Post Office can hold your mail up to 30
     days before your mail is returned. A faster way is to Call your credit cards, loan payments, car payments, and any other important payments to the billing
     department of the company you owe the payment too. But do put in a change of address with the Post-Office.
17. RELAX!