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Publisher's Rights
All advertising is subject to approval from The Community Referral Service Network (CRSN) regarding subject matter, form, size, wording, illustrations and typography. The CRSN  reserve the right to cancel any advertising at any time before or after placement. The CRSN does not accept music from non-Christian Musicians. This site is only for Christian Music. You also agree to the terms and condition of CRSN web-site

Identification and Indemnification

All advertisements that by law are required to identify company name or numbers must do so. 


Currently, no tax is levied on advertising. However, in the event that a tax is imposed on advertising while this rate is in effect, the msicians agrees to pay the tax, which will be added to the price of the advertisement.


The position of advertisements is not guaranteed. CRSN will attempt to meet musicians requests, but will make no adjustment, republishing or refund because of advertising position.

Rates for Advertising Music on CRSN.

Rates and specifications are subject to change anytime and no refunds on early cancellation.  The cost for Advertising one CD or Tape is $192 for one year. This is a one-year commitment.

Prices for Purchasing Music

All transactions must be purchase through the phone number provided in the ad. CRSN, does not endorse or is an anyway affiliate with the artists.

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