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Title of The Book and Written By

Phone Order

#1001 Building Successful Relationships( 7 Keys to winning and keeping the hearts of others) Michael Fletcher

(910) 867-9151

#1002 Beyond Reconciliation by Michael Fletcher & Larry Jackson (910) 867-9151
#1003 Leadership Transitions for Growth by Michael Fletcher (910) 867-9151
#1004 Lifestyle of Worship by David Morris. Worship is an essential part of every day life. Whether you're alone or in a group, at a busy restaurant or in your car, you can experience intimacy with God. (910) 867-9151
#1005 Called to Radical Devotion by David Morris (910) 867-9151
#1006 God has A Miracle for You by Ann Pia. A book of powerful Testimonies about Miracles & Healings (910) 488-7227
#1007 Why are Banners & Flags in the Church by Ann Pia. A book that teaches you about the role of Banners & Flags. (910) 488-7227
#1008 Recognizing & Breaking Generational Curses by Ann Pia. A book that teaches you to recognize the symptoms of Curses. (910) 488-7227
#1009 Refuse to Die Before Your Time by Ann Pia. Show you exactly how to receive your miracle & healing even when facing incurable diseases & life threatening illnesses (910) 488-7227
#1010 Dance Saints Dance by Ann Pia. Is a book that teaches you how to bring God's anointing & supernatural power into your church. (910) 488-7227
#1011 Forgiveness brings Healing & Miracles by Ann Pia. Forgiveness is the key that breaks the chains that bind you and breaks the whip that scourges your mind & emotions with painful memories. (910) 488-7227
#1012 Faith and Medicine come Together by Gary J. Robinson MD & Pam D. Robinson. Losing weight from the inside out. Learn what God's word says about your health! (910) 425-3587
#1013 The Moral Theatre by Ronald Bickram. This book offers an alternative to the vulgarity in today's Drama. It also has exercises to train the actor, and it has monologues with notes on interpretation. (910) 484-2526
#1014 The Gospel of Jesus the Messiah (The Synoptic View) by Ronald Bickram.This is a novel compilation of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke into a chronological account of Jesus life.  (910) 484-2526
#1015 5-Minute Readings from the Holy Bible by Ronald Bickram. This book has 52 Bible stories intended to stimulate the reader to delve deeper in the Bible. It is unique in that specife voices are recognized by colors in the writing. (910) 484-2526
#1016 New-Life Witnesses by Allen O. Morris. Real People speak to some of the hard issues. In New-Life Witnesses read the stories of different people, all the way form the royal palace of an African prince to the jungles of Colombia, the life of a gang leader in the USA, and a world-renowned lawyer in Guyana. It asks some of the hard question. (910) 488-4379
#1017 Gems of Wisdom by Allen O. Morris. Reflective Experiences from Members of the "Great Generation". The gems of wisdom are passed on to members of the younger generation. (910) 488-4379



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