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A simple plan for spending time talking to God is the ACTS plan: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. You won't become a prayer giant overnight! If you are just starting a prayer routine, try praying for 10 or 15 minutes. As your relationship with God grows, so will your prayer time. Write down your prayer request on paper. By doing this it will help you stay focused on God during your prayer time. This enables you to look back later and see just exactly how God has answered your prayers.
(Believer's Lifesystem)

A  doration
Spend time praising the Lord. He is the awesome Creator. He controls everything. Nothing is out of His view or reach. It is helpful to read through the Psalms. The writers are wonderful teachers on how to praise and adore God.

C  onfession
Sin is a barrier between God and His creation. Sin clouds our vision and makes God seem far away. We should daily confess to God our deeds and thoughts that are offensive to Him and opposed to His commands. We need to ask forgiveness for these things and accept His cleansing.

T  hanksgiving
God does so many fantastic things for us every day! Do you have a job? Thank Him for it. Is their food on your table? He put it there. And even in our painful Situations, God is in control. He is working there too. Remember that all we have belongs to God: He has simply lent it to us.

S  upplication
The Bible tells us to ask God for the things we need and want. He longs to give gifts to His children. Pray for yourself, your family, and those around you. Pray for those who need to be intimately associated with Jesus. The Bible even tells us to pray for our enemies!

Please share this with family and friends that don't know how to pray or know where to begin. Make sure you PUSH hard into your Prayer request.

P  ray.
U  ntil.
S  omething.
H  appens.